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The meaning of the dream symbol: Music

Added: 4 September

Music rejuvenates both, your mind as well as your soul. You feel beautiful the moment you start listening to your favorite song. In fact, it acts as a medicine to help you change your mood.
To be honest, there is no specific interpretation that can be given to your music dream. However, you need to pay close attention to the genre, lyrics and title of the song that you hear in your dream.
If you dream of listening to a sad song, you are going through a bad time in your waking life. It may also be a signal of a bad or depressive time that's on its way to meet you, if you are not sad already. If you are going through a stressful relationship, a sad music in your dream may represent ending of the bond with your partner.
Dreaming of a happy song or music, especially when you are going through the darkest time of your life, indicates cheerfulness from your soul or guiding angel. Your conscience is sending you good vibes and hopes to be happy. Your inner self is trying to tell you that everything is going to be okay!

Music represents emotions, good times, bad times and messages from your inner self.
Dreaming of a nice romantic music indicates love coming your way. If you are single and you dream of a romantic song, someone is soon going to enter into your life. If you see someone in your dream while hearing such a song, it means that someone special has already entered into your life.
Dreaming of a depressing violin or sadistic piano tune depicts your inner sadness. You are trying your level best to be happy in your life, but the circumstances are such that your inner self is going through a lot of sadness.

Most Common Music Dreams:
Piano - Piano generally depicts happiness, unless you hear a sadistic tune played on it.
Guitar - One of the most harmonious instruments in the world, hearing guitar in your dream indicates peace and harmony in life.
Scary violin - The sound of violin either depicts sadness or fear in your life.