Photo Gallery of Dream - Lil Wayne

The meaning of the dream symbol: Lil Wayne

Added: 3 September

About the celebrity:
Who can possibly not listen to or forget songs given by Lil Wayne, the famous wrapper? That's not all about Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.! This American celebrity is also a songwriter, singer and record executive. He knows how to give the best songs related to the industry. He is also known by other names like Shrimp Daddy and Weezy. He was sentenced to 8-month jail due to the possession of a weapon, which didn't have a license for.

2016 Forecast:
Librans are known for the struggles they go through in their lives. Wayne has been through a lot of problems in his life, pre and post his successful career in the music industry. 2016 is going to bring some difference to his life, because this is going to be a harmonious year for most of the Librans around the globe.

Since Librans are creative, they have something or the other to do and they are never idle. Wayne may spend time thinking about the struggles that he has been through, but 2016 will keep him busy with the creative side.

2016 is the best time to socialize with different people and enlarge the social circle, for all the Librans. Wayne may meet some new people this year. he may also get into a new relationship this year.

2016 is going to bring a lot of sexual feelings to most of the Librans. Wayne may get into a few ‘flings', but he needs to be careful about such trustless and baseless relationships. Such relationships give nothing to either of the partners. Moreover, if he gets into false relationships with women, he might end up in an emotional trauma by the end of 2016.

2016 is a good year to bring new projects in life. Wayne may start a few new projects, out of which most will be related to music. He may write some songs that would be carved in the History of the music industry, since 2016 is the year for Librans to get into their creative cloaks.

No doubt the physical health of Librans is going to be fine this year, they will go through a lot of emotional problems. To be honest, Wayne may create some problems on his own, for which he will have to pay by the end of 2016. He will have a stable and balanced physical health in 2016. emotional health is what he has to be worried about!

The biggest problem with Librans is that they don't forgive people. Let 2016 be the year to forgive and forget! Wayne may get chances to talk to a few ex-girlfriends and resolve the problems. He may also apologize to a few people, who either meant a lot to him, once, or meant nothing at all.

Overall, 2016 is going to be a balanced year for Wayne. emotional aspect is something that he needs to take care of.