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The meaning of the dream symbol: Lego

Added: 2 September

Lego is something that every child plays in his childhood. Why only kids. even the adults enjoy getting into these amazing toys. If you are not aware of what Lego toys are, they are nothing but those blocks that come with interlocking features. These blocks are made from high quality plastic material and are excellent for constructing toy buildings, stores and houses.
Dreaming of Lego is a very constructive one. If you see yourself playing with the building blocks, it means that you are having an amazingly constructive attitude towards your project at the moment. You are trying your level best to do everything that you can to make your project work. The good news is that the project will work, if you dream of making something with Lego.
Dreaming of destructing Lego toys indicates your frustration. You are working on something in your real life, but things are not shaping up the way you want them to. You have done everything that any person could ever do for the current work, but nothing seems to be working. The sad part is that the project that you have begun with, in your waking life, is not a feasible one, if you dream of destructing Lego blocks.

Lego stands for constructive thoughts, creativity, building new dreams, making new goals, achieving heights, destruction and frustration.
Dreaming of fighting to play with Lego indicates the sad child in you. You have spent all your life thinking about how to be an adult and how to be successful. Due to this, you have overlooked the child in you.

Most Common Lego Dreams:
Playing Lego with friends - Such a dream indicates your need to meet new people in your life. It is time for you to socialize more with the others around you, so that you get out of your shell.
Destructing a building of Lego - Such a dream may also represent breaking of a relationship. You are going to go through a lot of emotional traumas in the coming time so prepare yourself.
Buying Lego - Such a dream means that you are a very creative and wise person.