Dreams Interpretation - Lake

Added: 4 September

Lake dreams represent your nature and behavior. These dreams also signify your thoughts, running emotions and fears (if any). We all go through a certain uneasy situation in life and this is the time when people dream of lake.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.
Lake is a part of our unconscious mind and constant fears. It symbolizes future happiness or future troubles. For instance, stormy waves moving in the lake is a sign of family disagreements and ego clashes. On the other side, dreaming of a lake with calm water is a sign of peace and harmony in life.
Fishing in dream is a sign of falling in love or the desire to fall in love. Similarly, a dream in which people see themselves diving in the lake indicates that they wish to fall in life and also strive for peace.
Walking near the lake in dreams is a sign that you are thinking to make a new decision in life. This is mainly related to your personal life. It is important to remember the surrounding and supporting things around the lake in your dream. For instance, green trees surrounding the lake are a sign that you will feel fresh, peaceful and energetic for the next few days. On the other side, trees with no leaves around the lake are a sign that you will overcome your difficulties with lot of struggle in life.

Most Common Lake Dreams:
Clear lake water: To dream about clear lake water is a sign that you will have loyal friends in life and enjoy a peaceful time with them. This is also a sign that joyful times are indicated with friends.
Dirty lake water: Dirty lake water in dream is a symbol of misfortune. It also means that you are unclear about your decisions in life. This is just a sign though and changing the things in real life is completely up to you.
Fish in lake water: Fish in lake water is a sign of danger and also an indication that you may get a wrong partner. Be careful of the proposals that you may receive before committing in a relation.

The dreamer is soon to enjoy the fruits of his past labours. Positive developments in his life can be expected.

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