Dreams Interpretation - Kids

Added: 4 September

Kids dreams are symbols of innocence, childhood, parenthood and many other emotional feelings that a person goes through in life. These dreams could be either related to you or someone close in the family.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Children dreams often result in confusing conclusions. These could be either good or a situation to worry about. Kids are the key responsibility of a parent and so, any dream related to them makes us worried more than happy.
It is extremely important that you note down every scenario of your dream. A dream about a kid crying conveys a different meaning than a kid playing in the dream. The various scenarios of your dreams are related to the different ways you adopt to nurture your kids. People often see their kids playing in dream. This could be a sign that your kids are missing the moments spent with you. Make ways to spend more quality time with your kids.
Some people see themselves playing like kids in the dream. They are missing their childhood time and the freedom to do things on their own. The childhood is generally missed by all as our innocent mistakes are often forgiven and forgotten. This does not happen when we grow up.

Most Common Kids Dreams:
To see kids falling sick: This is not a good sign. Take your kids for a regular health check-up and spend more time with them. These dreams signify your guilt of not giving them more time. The kids are emotionally depressed as they miss to be with you.
To see a happy kid: To see happy kids in dream is a sign that you will have lots of positivity at home and this will come through the children in the house. Enjoy these moments with them and make them a special part of your life.
To see yourself as a kid: This dream signifies your need to be loved and pampered. The struggle of life makes you miss your childhood in which you were loved, cared and pampered. Do things that you enjoy the most and take a quick break from the routine.

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