Photo Gallery of Dream - Jennifer Lopez

The meaning of the dream symbol: Jennifer Lopez

Added: 3 September

About Jennifer Lopez:
No explanation is needed to let you know about the name - Jennifer Lopez. Her popularity as an American actress, dancer, producer, singer, fashion designer and author has won many hearts worldwide.
Jennifer is popularly known as J Lo. J Lo is considered as the highest paid Latin entertainer and one of the most influential Hispanic performers. After having divorced twice, she was lately married to the heartthrob Marc Anthony till 2014. J Lo has two beautiful twins, named - Emme and Max.

2016 Forecast:
J Lo being a Leo and Cancer cusp holds both the qualities of these signs. The chart of Leo speaks in favor of Jennifer. She will begin the year with fun, excitement and success. Her chart also indicates that she will enjoy a broader fan following and she is going to cherish this for a lifetime.
On the other side, the Cancer charts also speak in her favor. Money, security, and fame continue to grow this year too. However, the fame and name makes her crave for more and why not? She deserves more love from her fans! The professional endeavors will demand a lot of attention by this sexy lady. J Lo will be busy in staking up new projects. This will bring her more recognition and warmth by her fans globally.
This is also a year of pursuing hobbies and passion. J Lo will be all occupied to do things that she enjoys the most. It means more energy and more time in various activities will keep her busy. Romance is in the air and at full swing. J Lo is going to enjoy all the attention she gets from her partner. The only thing that she needs to be careful about is overspending. There are major expenses indicated from mid-year.
The period from April to June promises tremendous growth in terms of money and career. Good family time is indicated with the kids from the mid-year. J Lo is going to make sure that she takes all the time out for her children. However, this is not enough. There would be times when her kids would demand more attention from her. She is advised to consider her time as per her priorities. This will help her to balance everything at once. Too much of thinking will become a time waster for Jennifer. Certain situations will confuse her and she may end up thinking too much. J Lo is advised to forget what happened in her past and move on as the life ahead promises her beautiful things.
Overall, the year looks amazing for her, except from minor hiccups in her health. Taking up many things at a time may either make her stressed out or bring a slowdown in her good health. She is strongly advised to continue with her fitness routine and diet plans regularly.