Photo Gallery of Dream - Grey

The meaning of the dream symbol: Grey

Added: 3 September

Gray is generally a dull color and thus, it symbolizes boredom and loneliness. Such dreams also denote lifeless situations. Gray is a dull color and it signifies difficult feelings. Every dream situation will take you to a different real life scenario.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Grey color is a shade that comes between black and white. Thus, it represents the energy to balance the different situations in life. Grey also relates ageing symptoms. Everything in life matters equally. We need to balance the comfort and struggle together.
Grey also symbolizes confused state of mind. We often fall in situations that seem unclear and become confused to take a right decision. When things seem to be unclear, these dreams will help you to sit down, relax and think with a calm mind.
The act of being unhappy in life may reflect in your dream. If you see grey objects in dream, it means that you are either lonely within, or you will face boredom in a few days. Try to re-energize yourself and do things that will help you to break this unhappy feeling.
The different shades of grey depict different meaning. For instance, light grey dream means that a boring situation in life has not gone to its worse level. You still have opportunities to make it happening. Light grey is also a shade of silver, which brings luck. Those who dream about silver objects mean that luck will come in your favor.

Most Common Grey/Gray Dreams:
Relative in grey color garment: To dream of a relative in grey outfit means that you will soon lose interest in a relationship or break the bonding with them. This could be your partner, sibling, parent or any other relative.
Grey animals: Grey color animals in dream are a sign of bad luck. It means the dullness will be around you for a few days.
Grey ornaments: Grey ornaments in dream represent luck, fortune and mental satisfaction. It is also a sign that you will earn materialistic gains in the coming weeks. Continue to work with the same spirit.