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The meaning of the dream symbol: Gladiator

Added: 3 September

If you are wondering who a gladiator is (or was), he is someone who is trained to fight against another man, men or a wild animal or animals in an open arena, for the sake of entertaining others. He is blessed with weapons for his protection and to defeat those who fight against him. To be honest, this is not practiced anymore and happened in ancient Rome.
Dreaming of a gladiator depicts several things. This is one of those dreams that you need to analyze for your own self. How? Think about all those things that you are going through, in your waking life. Are you being played by someone? Are you dating someone who is not worth it? Do you think someone is not worth you and you are still doing all that you can to be with him?
Dreaming of a gladiator means that you are being nothing more than an entertainment package for someone else. Stop pretending to be happy in your waking life. you know you are not. Don't be afraid of expressing your inner emotions. You have to be sure about what you do. try thinking twice before you sacrifice your life for someone.

Gladiator depicts bravery, entertainment, courage, strength, potentiality, capability, sacrifices, defeat, surrendering and struggles.
Dreaming of fighting against a gladiator means that you are preparing yourself for the struggles and bad times in life. You know that you have immense strength to cope up with any sort of stress that enters into your life.
Dreaming of making love with a gladiator means that you put yourself into troubles. You always fall for the wrong guy. However, it may also mean that this time, you have fallen in love with someone who would give you all the good that you deserve.

Most Common Gladiator Dreams:
Seeing yourself as a gladiator - Such a dream means that you are brave enough to take decisions on your own, in your waking life.
Defeating a gladiator - Such a dream means that you have immense strength to face any problem in your life.
Getting defeated by a gladiator - The problems in your life are going to increase, if you see such a dream.