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The meaning of the dream symbol: Geisha

Added: 3 September

Geisha is associated with a gorgeous Japanese woman, who is known for her charm and beauty.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

The Geisha dreams are associated with attraction, gracefulness and elegance. They depict your inner feelings related to the opposite sex. Geisha is a perfect definition that describes the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Thus, seeing a Geisha in dreams mean that you will find a loyal life partner or you are already enjoying a healthy relation with your partner.
Geisha dreams are also related to your overall professional and personal relations. Try to recollect how you saw the Geisha in your dream. It is equally important that you remember what else you saw in the background. Buying a gift for a Geisha in dream means that you will adjust to the different situations very well and share a cordial relation with everyone around you.
The beauty and skills related to Geisha may sometimes reflect your own nature. For instance, her poise attitude and talented personality could be related to your own skills and interests. The dream is a sign that you must try the things that bring a glow on your face and give you mental peace.

Most Common Geisha Dreams:
Dancing Geisha: It is a sign in dream that you will find a partner, who will always keep you happy. This dream also signifies that your partner will pay close attention to your needs and happiness. Feel lucky for the right partner in your life and trust your partner's love for you.
Geisha Chasing You: If you were chased by a Geisha in a dream, it's a sign that beautiful opportunities related to work will follow you. It could also be an indication of marriage. You will be floating in the pool of good marriage proposals.
A well Disciplined Geisha: If you dreamt of a very well disciplined lady in your dream, it is a sign of good balance at work. This means you will enjoy a peaceful work culture with no politics and ego clashes at your work place. You may make changes in your workplace during this period, as there are minimal chances of arguments to take place.