Dreams Interpretation - Cougar

Added: 4 September

Cougar is a slang term used for women attracted to younger men. It also symbolizes various other factors in a woman such as. beauty, grace, emotions, power and attraction. The dream mainly relates a woman's desires.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Cougar is known for its ability and power. Its predatory nature, sharp eyes, witty nature and spontaneous attitude helps it to catch the prey more efficiently. Many women often wear animal prints, carry animal handbags, wear leather shoes, and dress like a tiger/leopard to attract men of younger age. These traits usually follow us in dreams as sometimes we may not be able to express ourselves clearly.
To dream about a cougar also signifies that something is not right either around you or within you. This is more likely related to an opportunity that you need to grab. However, there are some hurdles that are not clearing the path for a smooth catch. You may need to hold onto a little patience and attention to catch the prey.
There are various scenarios associated with cougar dreams. Many men often dream of chasing a cougar. It simply means that they are highly attracted to beautiful women older to their age. On the other side, running away from a cougar means that you are feeling preyed upon on some matter and you strongly wish to avoid it.If something is bothering you within or around you, it is better to face it rather running away from the situation.

Most Common Cougar Dreams:
To dream of a cougar: To dream of a cougar means you wish to adoptthe qualities of a cougar so that people can stop bullying you. It is time for some real action and to make your dreamcome true.
A cougar chasing you: A dream in which a cougar is chasing you means that a woman is interested in you. however, you are not ready for a commitment yet. There are also various other meanings associated with this dream scenario.
Hurt by a cougar: If you dreamt of a cougar hurting you, it means that you are being bullied by someone experienced than you.

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