Dreams Interpretation - Cocktail

Added: 4 September

If you are wondering what a cocktail is all about, it is nothing but a drink that is made by mixing different alcohols and other ingredients like juices of fruits or even cream. There are a lot of people who prefer cocktails instead of drinking a single type of alcohol.
Dreaming of cocktail is generally a bad sign, but not something that you need to be worried about. When you mix two to three alcohols together and consume it, you are bound to get a nice kick in your brain, which leads to hangover, which is not a very pleasant thing.
Dreaming of drinking cocktail means that you are going through a tough time at your work-place. Even though cocktail is sweet and tangy at the same time, it is not essential that the dream has any good news for you, especially if you gulp the entire cocktail at once in your dream.
Dreaming of sharing your cocktail with someone means that you have a habit of being dependent on others, when it comes to your problems. No doubt it is a good sign that you have someone with you, but it also means that there's no way in which you can take the responsibility of your own problems in your waking life.

Cocking represents problems, breach of contracts, breaking of rules and regulation, unfaithfulness and also carelessness.
If you dream of drinking more than one cocktail, it means that you are being too greedy about something in your waking life. This greediness may lead to a lot of complications in future, because when you have a lot of cocktail, you get hangover.
Dreaming of spilling cocktail means that you are soon going to find ways to get rid of your current problems.

Most Common Cocktail Dreams:
Throwing a glass of cocktail - Such a dream means that you are an extremely disciplined person in your waking life and people adore you for that.
Making cocktail - Such a dream means that you create problems on your own and then crib about them.
Crying with a glass of cocktail in hands - Such a dream can be an indication of some sort of bad news in the coming time.

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