Dreams Interpretation - Bull

Added: 4 September

Bull symbolizes energy and strength. According to the Egyptian beliefs, a bull is looked upon as a holy animal. There is a lot more to know about the appearance of bull in dreams.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:

Bulls are stubborn animals who don't give up easily. This is exactly what your dream would try to interpret most of the times. Bull also relates to a person's strength, energy and hard work. Seeing a bull in dream may relate to these things that have happened or will happen in your life.
Consider the different scenarios of your life's events. For instance, if you see a bull which is out of control in your dream, it means that you are unable to control your passions. Despite the efforts made or the busy life, your passions are dragging you towards them. It would be a good option to choose those things that you are passionate about, as the stubborn nature of the bulls make them winners.
Some dreams also show a bull bleeding. This may indicate that your opponents have succeeded to break your confidence and they won to divert your mind from your goals. It is a sign of alert that you do not get distracted from your goals and stay focused.

Most Common Bull Dreams:
An Angry Bull: An angry bull in dream is related to your anger. Find out the issue that is disturbing you the most and try to solve it with patience. Bulls often make mistakes in anger and get tired easily, as they release their energy at full speed in anger.
Killing a Bull: Killing a bull in dream needs an analysis on two things. Try to analyze who is the bull in your dream and who is the killer. If you are the bull, it is a certain sign that you are feeling drained and you have lost all the energy. This sign may also relate your sexual life and disinterest in sex with your partner. If you are the killer, then this sign indicates your jealousy about someone.
Riding a Bull: Very less people can control a stubborn animal like a bull. Thus, it depicts that you have done a great job in your personal and professional life. It is a sign to let you know that challenging situations will soon be under control.

If a woman dreams about a bull, it is a sign that she is not sexually satisfied. If a man dreams about a bull, it means he relates brutally to women.

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