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The meaning of the dream symbol: Blonde

Added: 1 September

Blonde dreams signify beauty, passion, desire, and lust. These dreams can sound pretty interesting, but they have their own pros and cons in real life. Blonde dreams are mainly related to your own beauty.
Let's find out what they mean in your dreams.

Dreaming about a sexy blonde can get pretty exciting. However, it may depict immoral, sinful, and indecent things around you. People dream about blondes differently. Some see a dirty blonde, whereas, some see their hair dyed blonde.
It is only you who can do a self-analysis about your own personality traits and behavior through these dreams. Your inner beauty sometimes may not make you realize how beautiful you could be from outside too. Blonde dreams help you to accept that you are not only beautiful within, but also, attractive and gorgeous from outside.
Learn the different scenarios of blonde dreams or simply note the things you saw in your dream. For instance, whether the blonde was a male or female, what kind of clothes was the blonde wearing, was the blonde staring at you, and other similar facts. Blonde dreams could be positive and negative. To see a dirty blonde in dream means that you may be involved in a crime or illegal matter.

Most Common Blonde Dreams:
Dirty blonde walking towards you: To dream about a dirty blonde walking towards you means that you are challenged by someone who is trying to be smarter than you. It also means that you must encourage yourself to look pretty and attractive.

To see self as a blonde: This is a dream of self-discovery. It depicts that sometimes it is good to be naughty and bad. Just know your limits, but don't prevent yourself from throwing that magnetic aura around you. You deserve to look beautiful, sensuous, and sexy all at once.

To see everyone blonde: To see everyone blonde except self means that you are feeling low and you feel neglected. The dream also depicts that you feel that you are not being understood properly by your people and mates. Do not bother about what others think of you. try to involve yourself only to the extent of your comfort ability.