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The meaning of the dream symbol: Apple

Added: 3 September

According to some religions and myths, apple is known to be a forbidden fruit. It is also mentioned in the Old Testament. This fruit has a lot to convey if it comes in your dream.
Let's find out what it means in your dreams:

The dream of an apple explains the two sides of a coin. It could either relate positivity or negativity in life. One major thing to notice about seeing an apple in dreams is the temptations you have in your life.
Some of these temptations could be good and some would be bad. Mainly, the apples are related to sexual and erotic desires. The different forms of apples such as. ripe apple, unripe apple, an apple tree or an apple basket hold different meanings in life.
In short, apples convey temptations, desires, beauty and perfection. Dreaming of only the apples is a positive sign of life. However, the other things associated with these apples may try to explain to you what exactly your dreams are trying to communicate with you. For instance ripe apples depict your plan of action in life and they also denote to have new hopes in life.

Most Common Apple Dreams:
Leafy Apple Tree: Green leafy apple trees are a very good sign to see in the dream. It conveys that your long awaited wishes will finally blossom. Even if you see an apple tree blooming, it denotes that some good news will soon arrive in your life.
Plenty of apples in basket: Plenty of apples in your dream are related to a bunch of good friends in your life. Dreaming of fresh apples in the basket means that you are likely to meet some good friends in life and you will cherish this fresh new social circle.
Dream of eating an apple: If you dreamt of eating an apple, it means that you have a healthy life. Apples are related to good health and thus, eating them in your dream shows that you are in a good health. Eating a red and sweet apple means your life is sweet and so are your goals. Eating sour or rotten apples mean that you are following unethical paths of earning money or fame. Eating an apple in a dream predicts a rosy future. If the apple is sour, it is a sign that the dreamer will soon be disappointed or experience failure.